Tricio Johansson, 26 years old, transgender (trans man), Sweden.
Artist, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, musician.

My fields: Traditional and digital illustration, graphic design/art,  photography/photographic art, photo editing, painting/traditional arts, music composing.

Some information about me:
I'm Tricio and I communicate through arts, illustration, design, photo and music. I'm not much of a speaker, so originally I used arts to express myself. I'm entirely self-taught from the beginning, but later I did take a few courses (in both music and arts). I don't create stuff to be technically perfect, I create stuff to express myself. Arts, and even music to some extent, doesn't have to follow certain rules. I want people to think "yeah, he really has his own style" when they see my arts and hear my music, rather than "wow, this is perfect". Because what is perfect?

I'm also autistic. I have an autism diagnosis. So I do really think my creativity was born in my struggles in that condition. I think words are difficult and I think communication and interacting with people are hard. So I do so by creating stuff instead. I wouldn't be creative if it wasn't for my autism.

I'm transgender too, and I do cope with my transition and all what that means by creating stuff. It's a way for me to cope with the downsides of being trans.

Read more about me, and there's also information about what it means to be transgender and autistic, on my personal website tricio.se / tricio-arts.com