Genres: Classical, instrumental, experimental, new age, folk.
Sub-genres: Classical - nocturne, Classical - fantasia, Modern classical.
Instruments: Viola, synthesizer, piano, ukulele, banjolele, guitar, melodica, organ.
General music information: My music goes under the names Tricio Johansson, Alto clef stories and Avoranic Music depending on project. All my own composed songs (and also some covers) which are recorded a little more properly in my "home studio" are under the project Avoranic Music. All other random music (original songs and covers mixed together) and often recorded with really simple equipments are under my personal name Tricio Johansson. When I play on events (usually in church) I go under my name Tricio Johansson too. "Alto clef stories" is mostly about my viola music.

Music links: Bandcamp (triciojohansson), Bandcamp (avoranicmusic), Soundcloud (triciojohansson), ReverbNation (triciojohansson), Indie sound (avoranicmusic), Instagram (altoclefstories), Youtube (Tricio Johansson)

Released music:
Musings (EP) - available on Bandcamp
Midnight stars (Single) - available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Indie sound
Dark musings (Single) - available on Soundcloud, ReverbNation
The somber autumn experiment (EP) - available on Bandcamp
The change (Single) - available on Bandcamp
Somber (Single) - available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Indie sound

Click on the EP/single cover arts to see the picture in full size.

Examples of Youtube videos. More are on my channel.

Samples of my composed songs:
The full songs are available on Bandcamp and the other sites where my music usually are published. Some of my compositions are only available as short samples for now though.